Are Your Google AdWords Ad Campaigns Not Working? Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Pay Per Click (PPC) is expensive if you’re not doing it right. However, if you manage it correctly, it will be a very cost effective platform for marketing. But if you’re barely making a fortune out of your AdWords campaigns, then there must be something wrong.

There are good reasons why you aren’t getting enough clicks in Google AdWords:

1. Text ads aren’t compelling

With AdWords, prospective customers can commit to you or not at any moment in time. It’s like auditioning for a school play, you have to give it your best and be unique, or it’s no callbacks for you. Ads may not have been specific when targeting costumer needs. Be specific – and that has to be said again – because obvious reasons why you aren’t progressing is settling for generic ads that catches the attention of unqualified leads costing you the bucks.

2. Clicks lead to home page and not the landing page

This is one mistake generally committed by companies. The common practice these companies do is that they pile up specific keywords, really good ones and carefully selected, BUT they only link the ads to the website’s homepage. Switch links to landing page now. The landing page is the next page that loads and is seen when a visitor clicks on a promotional link or any URL. This page should contain the things that the visitor needs. When linking the ad to your homepage, you’re giving the visitor the task of finding what he needs inside your website. Chances are, they leave right away.

5 Items to Check When Using AdWords

5 Items to Check When Using AdWords

3. Maintaining a very poor campaign

You may have the wrong set of keywords, too much, or too few of them. Your text ads may not attract customers at all because it’s not unique enough. Change things around like the contents of your landing page or unbundling group ads. Consult AdWords for feedbacks if you’re moving to the right direction.

4. You’re letting Google do all the work

If you thought leaving your ads along will work on its own – you’re wrong. There is no such thing as magic. All the ad campaigning needs effort, your effort; even the most little can bring positive feedback. You should test ad groups and revise what needs changes. Eliminate keywords that aren’t performing well. Evaluate landing page analytics.

These Tips Will Help You Escape The 9-To-5 Mindset

These Tips Will Help You Escape The 9-To-5 Mindset

5. AdWords isn’t for you

Maybe, the products you’re selling aren’t popular with the online market. Not all products are big sellers especially ones that are widely available offline. Sadly, there just might not be enough numbers of people searching the products that you are selling.

All is fair in love and war except business that is why you should help your campaigns attract more leads by doing research like what are most customers searching for, and what they want from your website.

Cut the Cost of Your Car Insurance in 5 Surefire Ways!

Car insurance is one of the important things we just have to spend our money on, not only because it is a legal requirement, but also because we just have to secure that vehicle to avoid any financial ruckus in the future. The sad thing is, paying for it is not only a necessity but also a pain in the neck – especially when we’re paying a really huge amount every month. But there certainly are ways to cut down the cost of your vehicle coverage.

  1. Purchase a cheaper car

A low-value car is much cheaper to ensure since it will cost much lesser to replace or fix it when it’s broken. Settle for low-powered cars to avoid paying a huge chunk of money. There are several new cars out there with built-in anti-theft and driver aids that will help you decrease the amount you pay for its insurance. But if you’re planning to go for anything fancy, at least consider the amount it will cost you for its coverage and be anything but surprised. You were warned.

Book you car insurance

Book you car insurance

  1. Use the garage

It is best you take advantage of your own garage than your antique stuff and other rubbish take advantage of it. A garage is used to safe-keep a car in the first place, and you’d even be surprised to see that having a garage to park your car overnight will decrease your insurance premium by 5% than parking it on the road. The insurers will surely be pleased to know that you have been protecting your car from possible thieves yourself.

  1. Find a reliable broker

With a lot of car insurance companies out there, it really is difficult to choose the one who can match your needs. The best thing you can do is to compare prices from different companies. Once you’ve called your insurer, inquire from a competitor and perhaps a car insurance broker. Give your price and if they’re really reputable enough, they would know how to give you a nice deal.

The Case for Rentals: Why Real Estate Agents & Brokerages Should Do Rentals

The Case for Rentals: Why Real Estate Agents & Brokerages Should Do Rentals

  1. Drive as safely as possible

This might be the easiest way to cut down your car insurance cost. By minimizing the number of tickets and accidents you get to zero (or almost), you would be able to prove that you have less chances of getting your car destroyed and will be able to let you save for up to 30% off your premium. It definitely wouldn’t hurt too much to be an angel on the road.

  1. Avoid the blings

Ask yourself if it is extremely necessary for you to attach those neon lights and loud exhausts in your vehicle. The thing is, these modifications in your car will most likely add to your car insurance cost. Since these contraptions will increase the chances of catching anyone’s attention, insurers will surely have second thoughts giving you a lower premium.

Buying the perfect car does not end with applying for the right car insurance. If you can lower the amount you pay for it, then why aimlessly spend all that money?

Which One Is The Best Workout? High Impact or Low Impact…

Choosing what is the best workout for you, depends on the capability of your body. It comes in two ways, the high impact and low impact. But both have the same function, which to improve your joints, tendons, ligaments, your spine and connective tissues.

Furthermore, it is always strongly advised whether you choose high or low impact, you should still need to consult your doctor before doing this. As we go through with this article, we will talk about what should and shouldn’t.

Let start with high impact, it is defined more on rigid workout. It involves both feet moving to the point that it will leave on the ground. It’s more on jumping and running, and the good part is, this would you improve your bone density. This focus more on developing your joints and tendons.

This is also a risky workout, improper move can cause injury. This is also not recommended for people who have history of injury and recovering from it. Also it is not recommended for beginners.

Low impact workouts

Low impact workouts

The following are some of the high impact workout:

  • Football

  • Soccer or hockey

  • Running sports

  • Jumping sports

The advantage of high impact workout is that you can burn calories faster. You could work up a sweat very quickly.

Low impact workout, this can be used by a beginner. This would help your body adjust to the exercise that you will be doing. And it’s easy on the muscle and joints, since it has low impact. It also burns fewer calories, but if you add between intervals on your exercise it can become intense.

Bar fitness: Low impact, high results

Bar fitness: Low impact, high results

There is not much risk on this type of workout. You can run and have a lesser risk of muscle strain or joint injury. You can choose based on your level.

The following are some of the low impact workout:

  • Zumba or dancing

  • Walking

  • Yoga

  • Swimming

This can be done by elderly as well, it is beneficial for them. Since minimal movement can be done.

Choosing between low impact and high impact workout depends on your body. It can be combined and do alternate workout. For example, you can do alternate on days. If you do high impact on Mondays then do the low impact on Tuesdays.

Too much high impact workout will be unhealthy. It is recommended by the trainers that you need to allow your body to rest. Proper balancing can reduce the risk of injury and stress to your body.

So, if you have planned to start a workout. Either low impact or high impact, always make sure that your body will not be forced. And always make sure to rest 1 to 2 days in a week.

Are You Ready for a Commitment?—Checklist to Tell if You’re Ready or Not

There’s a tough road waiting for those who want to get serious with relationships. Commitment is not something that’s found only in marriage, but in relationships before that as well.

Just when you thought that all you need is love to make things work, you need to wake up to reality and realize that relationships are not as easy as you see them in movies or fairy tales. When you start asking yourself when is the right time for you to settle down, you can perhaps consider assessing yourself of how ready you are to be in a serious and committed relationship.

5 Signs that You’re Ready to Make Things Serious

1. You complete yourself

Sorry, but the line “you complete me” is for immature, teenager love. When you decide to commit to someone, you should know what makes you happy and who you are as a person. Remember that you are trying to find a “partner” and not some baby sitter who would try to understand you at all times.

Are you ready or not for the commitment

Are you ready or not for the commitment

You know that you’re ready for a serious relationship if you don’t need one to be happy or to feel worthy. A mature and emotionally secure person is someone who is willing to share love and not to hoard it away from them. Remember that you can’t share something that you don’t have so if you don’t love yourself enough, there’s no way of loving other people better.

2. You have a career path

Commitment is different from your college flings. You must understand that you’re about to embark on the real deal where you and your partner will seek for a future together. In this case, being secured with your finances and career will help you to have a peace of mind in settling down. Many people deny the importance of a good life while being in a relationship, but the truth is you just have to.

If you have the willingness to take care of your partner and your future family, you should have the means to address their needs as early as now.

3. You want a relationship, but you don’t NEED it

Being needy is a sign that you still have insecurities in yourself. You can’t possibly call a relationship “mature” if your partner is constantly calling you and checking on you, or you fight over simple things that can be resolved by a serious talk. You are ready for a relationship if you “want” to share your life with a person and not necessarily “needing” them.

4. You know how to empathize

There’s a thin line separating empathy and sympathy, but one can’t exist without the other. Being in a relationship requires you to “feel” what your partner feels and acting on it. Once you learn to empathize, you become one through the relationship and the “me” becomes “we.”

When you can see beyond your desires and you care more about the welfare of your partner, you know that you’re ready to face whatever it takes to be with him or her.

How to narrow down your choice of San Francisco Wedding photographer

How to narrow down your choice of San Francisco Wedding photographer

5. You are your own person

Don’t ever lose yourself when being in a relationship and you are not a puppet of your partner. A sign of a healthy relationship is that you can still be yourself and you’re allowed to make decisions for the both of you. You maintain your voice as a person and you allow your partner to speak up while you listen.

While commitment is not as easy as it seems, you can make it easier by not being obnoxious in your relationship. The road may not be smooth in keeping up with your relationship, but enjoy every moment you have with your partner. Be objective in judging, deciding, or speaking, but remain as loving as you can to keep the fire in your relationship burning.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Personal Information If Your Phone Gets Stolen

Phones are just simple devices before, but with the development of modern technology and other latest innovations, these have transformed into highly-functional devices. Having your own phone these days is almost like having a mini-computer that you can always bring with you wherever you go.

The Impact of Phones to Individuals

Individuals from different walks of life became highly dependent on phones to the point that they cannot leave the house or go to their offices and places of work without these devices with them. In most cases, phones also serve as the storage of private information and confidential details regarding their owners. And when this device gets stolen, major problems can arise. Personal information is being compromised due to this unwanted scenario. Despite the hassle and pressure caused by stolen phones, there are still ways on how to protect yourself and your personal information during this stressful situation.

Social impact of mobile

Social impact of mobile

Things to Do When Phone Gets Stolen

In case you are uncertain on how your device got stolen, you can try to contact the phone in an attempt to locate it. GPS locator or anti-theft softwares are now available to help individuals handle situations like this. If the phone is installed with anti-theft software, locking the phone, activating the alarm and wiping sensitive information are the best options to take. This is an essential move in protecting and securing yourself and your personal information.

Another way to achieve ultimate protection is to report the loss to the proper authorities. This must be done immediately and all the essential information including the model and serial number of the phone must be provided. This way, it would be easy for individuals in charge to retrieve and protect your personal information if still possible. Reporting the loss and complying with all the information required helps in disabling the device and blocking any access to the information contained in the device.

Means to Protect the Data and Information on the Phone

Protect social and corporate data on the phone

Protect social and corporate data on the phone

One effective way of protecting your personal information on your phone is establishing a password. This restricts or limits the access to your personal and confidential data and information. Passwords and security codes protect both the user and the device in case it is lost or stolen. Unwanted usage will also be avoided if phones are established with these protective codes. As much as possible, refrain from putting sensitive information on your phone so that it will not be a big trouble when your phone gets lost or stolen. If in case it is inevitable for you to store information on your phone, make sure to be extra careful on the information you plan to store.